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Vibrant Living – August 2022

Money-Management Tips to Help You Combat Inflation

Are you feeling the effects of inflation on your personal finances? Check out these tips for being money-smart, regardless of what the markets bring.


When to DIY and When to Hire a Pro

“Sweat equity” is a great way to save money on home improvement, but some jobs are best left to professionals. Learn when to say when on your DIY instincts!


Grilled Peach Parfaits

A sweet summer dessert that can be prepared on the grill? That would be peachy! Get a taste of this crowd-pleasing treat that will wow at your next cookout.


Homeownership Hack

Transitioning from summer laze to school days can be a challenge. Help everyone get out the door with less stress by creating an “out the door” station. Hang hooks to hold jackets and umbrellas, and set up baskets or shelves to hold backpacks, lunches, and other must-haves that can be set out in the evening for “grab and go” time in the mornings.


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