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Your Guide to July

Independence Day

It’s America’s birthday! Can’t attend local fireworks? PBS has you covered with A Capitol Fourth, featuring concert acts and fireworks live from Washington, D.C.!


National Kitten Day

Is there anything cuter than a purring little ball of fluff? Break out the catnip and laser pointers and show your kittens the time of their (nine) lives!


Swimming Pool Day

Hot weather. Cool water. It’s a match made in heaven. With more than 300,000 local pools in the U.S., you’re likely to find one near you, so grab a towel and dive in!


Malala Day

Malala Yousafzai is an internationally recognized advocate for girls’ education and the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner. Learn more about her story.


National Ice Cream Day

If the sound of the ice cream truck approaching still brings out your inner child, this is your day! Beat the July heat with a scoop or two in honor of the occasion.


National Mutt Day

Everyone loves an underdog, and that includes the humble mutt. More than half the dogs in America are mutts, and they make adorable and faithful friends!


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