10 Household Products to Make Your Life Easier

Thanks to modern technology and good old-fashioned innovation, there are lots of products that can make home life more manageable. Try some of the amazing gadgets and tools available today to simplify your life and enjoy your home more.

Want the features of a smart home without the full commitment? A smart plug is a great starting point. Simply plug in your ordinary appliances, download the app to your phone, and voilà, you’ll have the ability to control your electronics from the app or via voice command. Set the coffeepot on a timer, get pinged when your clothes dryer is done, or limit gaming time right from your phone!

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If biting summer pests are preventing you from enjoying your outdoor living areas — and you'd rather not be slathered in bug spray while spending the evening on your patio — a no-flame, no-scent, no-spray device might be the answer. Many are rechargeable and programmable, so you can spend more time grilling and less time swatting.

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In the heat of the summer, who wants to stand over a flaming hot grill, making sure the steaks are cooked to perfection? With a smart meat thermometer, you can close the grill, go mix yourself a refreshing beverage, and monitor your dinner from the comfort of your deck or air-conditioned living room. View temperatures, set alerts, and get cooking tips from the included app.

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It would be so convenient if you could sweep up the leaves covering your lawn like you sweep up kitchen crumbs. Oh wait — you kinda can using one of these contraptions! Open the wheelbarrow and lay the canvas on the grass, rake your leaves onto the tarp, fold it back up, and wheel it away.

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Say you're trying to have a romantic outdoor picnic one evening, and you want to make it special. Soft lighting, mood music, a good bottle of chilled wine — wow, that's a lot to organize and schlep. Unless you have one of these! Pair it with a portable mosquito repeller for a lovely evening al fresco.

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Ease that pet owner's guilt and give your four-legged kiddos some loving attention, even when you're preoccupied. Higher-end models have sensors that alert you when your pet is barking, a two-way microphone so you can talk to them and calm them down, video recording capabilities, and even night vision. Oh, and upon your command, they toss treats to your fur baby, too.

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Older homes often have older pipes and plumbing that could be wearing out. Don't get caught unawares; install these sensors in strategic spots and get notified if a leak develops, before it turns into a flood and an expensive mess. Some monitors also check humidity levels and temperature.

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Skip the elbow grease and go straight to clean. Slip the attachment into your drill just like you would a regular bit and go to town on your tub, sinks, and other surfaces that require scrubbing. Brush heads come in a variety of sizes and bristle hardness.

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Plant killers and people with black thumbs, take heart: A smart plant pot can help you go green and stay green. With sensors that track levels of sunlight, temperature, and fertilizer, and an automated watering system, you’ll be able to have the indoor jungle you’ve always dreamed of.

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Do you wish you could feed your macchiato addiction from the comfort of your own kitchen? Now you can. With a handheld frother, you can make the perfect latte whenever the mood strikes you, without the need for a big, expensive cappuccino-maker.

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This article is not intended as an endorsement for these products or their manufacturers or retailers.

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