Your Guide to January

December 18, 2019






National Trivia Day 


Impress your friends with the interesting facts that fill your brain. Or wow a roomful of people by attending a local trivia event!





National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day 


Show support for local officers by sharing a positive story on social media, wearing blue, or displaying blue lights outside your home.








Martin Luther King Jr. Day 


This day is not just about honoring the man; it's also about contributing to your community to honor his legacy.









National Pie Day [not Pi Day!] 


Sweet or savory, meat or fruit, we really don't mind as long as it's pie!








Chinese New Year


Usher in the Year of the Rat with red envelopes, new clothes, and a break from cleaning!










Have Fun at Work Day


Organize a potluck lunch or ping pong tournament, bring in massage chairs, and take some time out of your day to really enjoy where you work!






The Red Sox lost Babe Ruth to the NY Yankees — for $125,000.




President Franklin D. Roosevelt founded the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, which later became known as the March of Dimes.



Alaska became the first noncontiguous state.




The rainbow Apple logo was developed and company founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak introduced the Apple II computer to the public.



HBO aired the pilot episode of The Sopranos, only the second original drama it had ever made (The Wire was the first hour-long drama).



 Free online encyclopedia Wikipedia launched.




Celebrities born in January include Hayao Miyazaki, Ellen DeGeneres, Dolly Parton, Oprah Winfrey, and Justin Timberlake.



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