Earth Day 2019 - Protect Our Species

Did you know that more than 26,500 of the Earth’s animal species are facing extinction? This Earth Day, April 22, take a moment to think about how you can help stop this crisis and protect our planet’s species.

All is not lost — yet. By taking action, we may be able to slow or even stop the loss of some of our world’s unique and amazing wildlife.


Every time raw materials must be harvested to produce a new object, supply of another resource is reduced. Recycling uses old products instead of new resources.

Use less plastic.

Choose reusable products made from recycled materials and skip unnecessary items like straws.

Plant native trees, flowers, and vegetation.

Help shore up the natural habitat of the animals that live near you. And skip the pesticides and chemical fertilizers while you’re at it.

Eat more plants.

Plants require fewer resources to farm and process than animals.


Donate to, Global Wildlife Conservation, and other conservation-oriented organizations.

Sources: ICUN Red List | PBS

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