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3 Reasons Fall is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Home - Reason 2: Less Competition

It can be hard to think of moving house when the temperature is dropping and the holidays are on the horizon. But there are very good reasons why buying a home in fall makes sense. In addition to lower prices, here's another one:

Spring and summer are the peak homebuying seasons, when families are looking forward to settling in during summer vacation and houses are often looking their best, with green lawns and blooming gardens. But while this might be a more convenient time for many, it's generally the most expensive time of year to hunt for a new home, and the competition for desirable houses can be fierce.

People who buy in fall, however, have less competition, which means they can more easily find the home that checks all the boxes on their "wants" list as well as their "needs" list – without having to bump elbows with a slew of other buyers.

Do you want to make a move before the holidays hit? Now is the perfect time!

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