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Your Guide to September

Kick off autumn with these holidays.

September 6 — National Read A Book Day

Escape into a fictional world, learn about the real one, or build tools for self-improvement. It’s all at your fingertips between the pages of a book!


September 8 — National 401(k) Day

Are you on track for your retirement goals? Take some time today to find out. Check out online planning tools or talk to your plan administrator.


September 10 — Grandparents Day

Where would we be without the unconditional love (and occasional spoiling) of our grandparents? Make sure to say thank you for that today!


September 16 — National Cleanup Day

Millions of participants worldwide are pitching in to give Mother Earth a makeover. Join or create a team in your area and do your part for a more livable world.


September 26 — Better Breakfast Day

It’s the most important meal of the day, but many of us just down a cup of coffee and try to muddle through the morning. Aim for a healthy start today, and see how great you feel!


September 28 — National Good Neighbor Day

Want to build a better community? Start close to home by doing a good turn for someone who lives on your block, or make it a habit to introduce yourself to new neighbors.

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