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Your Guide to October

There’s something for all you ghouls and boos.

October 4 — World Animal Day

From the tiny (2-inch-long Etruscan shrews) to the mighty (98-foot-long blue whales), animals add astonishing diversity and beauty to the world. What’s your favorite?


October 6 — World Smile Day

Harvey Ball, the graphic artist who gave us the iconic yellow happy face, singled this day out for smiling, so see how many grins you can fit in today. (Half-credit for emojis!)


October 10 — Ada Lovelace Day

Few know her name, but Ada Lovelace laid the groundwork for computers in 1842. Today we honor her memory and celebrate STEM contributions by all women.


October 16 — Dictionary Day

It’s a fortuitous day to assimilate some superior verbiage. In other words, learn some new words today and dazzle (or stump) a friend. You’ll feel sublime.


October 19 — National Get Smart About Credit Day

Credit is a vital part of your financial life. Learn more about how credit scores work, how to build and maintain credit, and other key info today!


October 31 — Halloween

Monsters, superheroes, and a wide array of princesses will be out and about tonight. Feel free to don your own costume, even if you’re just staying home to watch “Hocus Pocus” again.

Home financing doesn’t have to be spooky! Reach out to me with your questions, and let’s get you into a (non-haunted) house.


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