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Your Guide to May

May the Fourth

Celebrate your favorite characters, debate story arcs, write some fanfiction, or reenact memorable scenes from everyone’s favorite space saga!


Cinco de Mayo

This anniversary of Mexico’s victory over the French has evolved into a larger celebration of Mexican-American culture.


Kentucky Derby

Elaborate hat? Check. Mint julep? Check. Voice ready to sing “My Old Kentucky Home?” Check. You’ve hit the Kentucky Derby trifecta! Now there’s just the small matter of the horse race.


Mother’s Day

Every mom is a working mom, and today honors everyone taking on the role of nurturer, disciplinarian, teacher, nutritionist, and all-around CEO of child-dom. Thanks to all of you!


Graduation Tassel Day

Congratulations, 2022 graduates! Moving the tassel on your graduation cap has huge significance, so enjoy it. And get ready to take on the world!


Memorial Day

Today, we honor all veterans who died in service to their country. “Let their remembrance be as lasting as the land they honored.”

— Daniel Webster

The Anatomy of an Outdoor Living Room

Life is just too big to be kept inside! In 2022, we’re taking our living rooms outdoors and blending technology with nature, creating a hybrid space that accommodates work, relaxation, and family time. Here’s what you need to create an outdoor chill space of your own:


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