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Your Guide to March

St. Paddy, puppies, and more are waiting for you.

International Women’s Day

Celebrate the cultural, economic, creative, and social contributions of women today! Learn more about how you can #embraceequity all year long.


Daylight Saving Begins

Time to pay back that extra hour we got in the fall. But on the bright side (literally), we now get to enjoy more hours of sunlight!


St. Patrick’s Day

Legend has it that wearing green today will make you invisible to evil leprechauns. Hey … just go with it. At the very least, you’ll look festive and avoid getting pinched!


First Day of Spring

Winter is officially over, but since weather doesn’t always obey the calendar, you may want to check the temperature before you bust out the hammock.


Ramadan Begins

Muslims around the world observe this month of fasting and spiritual rejuvenation, ending with the celebration of Eid al-Fitr in April.


National Puppy Day

These little balls of fluff can’t help but capture our hearts, so it’s only fitting that they get their own day. Let’s have a round of a-paws for all of them!


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