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Your Guide to June

And we have the holidays to prove it.

National Trails Day

Our national trails are a wonder and a treasure that should be enjoyed by all. Get out for a hike today, and visit the American Hiking Society to learn how to advocate for public lands and trails.


Flag Day

The American flag has gone through many iterations since its adoption in 1777, but it has always represented one thing — freedom.


U.S. Open Begins

Now in its 123rd year, this golf championship delivers thrills, triumphs, and occasionally epic upsets … but very quietly. If you’re watching at home, though, feel free to cheer.


Father’s Day

Thank you, dads, for providing nurturing, inspiration, support, and love, even when toddler tantrums or teenage angst made it tough. Enjoy your special day!



This commemoration of the end of slavery in the U.S. has evolved into a greater celebration of African American history, culture, and community.


First Day of Summer

Kick off your shoes, grab your sunglasses, and go soak up some rays! Longer days and warmer weather mean it’s time to get out and roam. (But pack a map just in case.)

Homes are our refuge from the world and a place to nurture family and friendships, but they’re also a solid investment in the future. Homeownership is one of the primary ways to build wealth, and as equity builds, it provides owners with a vital financial resource to tap.

I’m honored to be part of the homebuying journey for so many of my clients, and I take pride in my ability to match individuals with the financing solutions they need. For some, that may be a low down-payment program to get into a first home; for others, it may be finding the right way to finance a retirement property. Wherever you are on your journey, feel free to reach out to me with questions about home financing options!


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