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Your Guide to July

Are you a July 4th trivia expert? Find out!

Independence Day

Whether you’re celebrating with a cookout, a trip to the beach, or a local fireworks display, be safe and have fun! And since it’s America’s birthday, feel free to enjoy some cake, too.


Midsummer Classic

Whichever league you’re rooting for, don your baseball gear, grab some peanuts, and tune in to watch the all-stars play ball!


National Give Something Away Day

Does decluttering seem like an overwhelming task? Start simple by giving one thing away today. And if you find two things to give away, give yourself credit for a 200% effort.


Space Exploration Day

It’s the 54th anniversary of the moon landing, and in a few short years, the Artemis missions will take us back to the lunar surface. What new discoveries await us there?


International Self-Care Day

Prioritize your own physical, mental, and emotional well-being today by taking a walk in nature, calling a friend, spending time on a favorite hobby, or whatever boosts your mood.


National Waterpark Day

If the summer heat is getting you down, cool off at a waterpark. Can’t make it to one? Hit the local pool, or inflate a kiddie pool in your backyard. (Hey, it’s better than nothing!)

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