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Vibrant Living – December 2022


How a New Program Can Pay You to Go Green

Santa can’t bring you a home energy makeover, but a new federal program can help you get one in 2023.



Are You a Good Neighbor?

These iconic holiday characters can help you find out

George Bailey did it right. The Grinch did it wrong. Learn how to be the neighbor everyone wants to have, through the holidays and beyond.



How to Make the Best Holiday Sugar Cookies

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … to bake cookies! Master the basics and let your creativity (and frosting skills) go wild.


Homeownership Hack

Here’s how to hang a festive wreath on your door without scratching the paint! Stick an adhesive hook upside-down on the inside of your door, a few inches from the top and in the center of the door. Then loop fishing line or a decorative ribbon through the wreath, run it over the door, and secure it to the hook. After the holidays, remove the hook, or use it to hang up other seasonal decorations all year round.


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