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Tidy Thresholds: Holiday Magic at the Door

As you prepare to welcome guests into your home during the holiday season, the first step is to create an inviting and organized entryway that sets the tone for the festivities. The December holidays bring a unique sense of warmth that can be beautifully reflected in your entryway’s décor and functionality. While setting a joyful mood for guests, it can also be a fun activity that boosts your mood. These simple steps will help you transform your entryway into a warm, welcoming, and clutter-free space during the December holiday season.


Festive Decorations

December is a time to give your home a seasonal look and display your holiday spirit. Your home is an extension of yourself, so decide on a theme or color scheme that resonates with your personal style. There are many lighting options to illuminate your doorway, wreaths or garlands to add charm, and seasonal doormats to welcome guests.

Note: Be sure to prioritize safety. Ensure all cords and decorations are secure and your walkway is slip-free.

Clearing Clutter

Redecorating is an opportunity to take back control of your home’s entryway. You can remove non-essential items like old shoes, beach towels, or expired coupons. The more space you make, the more options you have to organize winter gear and decorations. Once you’ve designated space for coats, scarves, and hats, you can go further by creating functional storage options to make the household run smoother.

Small entryways can become more functional with:

  • Hooks for coats and bags

  • Wall-mount storage options

  • Vertical shoe racks

  • Storage bins

You’ll be surprised by the amount of room you create by clearing the clutter and adding even small storage solutions!

Organizing Holiday Essentials

Keeping your entryway tidy is an ongoing process, and the holiday season brings unique challenges. Outside of the standard jacket and shoes, things like incoming packages and season’s greetings cards can overwhelm your system if they take up too much space. So, decide on a system for disposing of parcels and consider hanging a bulletin board for holiday letters and greetings.

Seasonal Ambiance

When you think of all the things people associate with this time of year, many can be added to your home entrance. Simple ways to extend the holiday magic include:

A Personal Touch

If cleaning, organizing, and decorating are all part of a great holiday gift to your guests, a personal touch is the shiny bow on top! Family photos can be displayed decoratively along with holiday cards. Like the storage options mentioned, a wall mount can also be a spot for a holiday message board to greet guests or be a morning motivator for your household.

Guest Engagement

Would you like to be a memorable holiday host who makes every visitor feel special? Any of these three additions to your doorway can make you feel friendlier than Frosty himself:

  1. Holiday Guest Book: Purchase a standard composition book that guests can sign to make them feel like they’re contributing to your holiday welcome.

  2. Signature Treats: ‘Tis the season of giving. A bowl of candy or peppermints near the door is a great parting gift to guests.

  3. Room at the Inn: Make sure to designate space for guests’ belongings.

Transitioning to the New Year

Author Robin Sharma once said, “Starting strong is good — finishing strong is epic.” As the end of the month nears, you can add these motivational words to your holiday message board!

Post-holiday cleanup can be as cumbersome as the preparation, but luckily, you’ll be set up for an easy breakdown thanks to your holiday organization. Remember to store related items together and efficiently — you’ll be thankful next December. You can decide which elements of your holiday entryway should continue through the winter and maybe further. Take the magic from this holiday season into next year!

Best Holiday Yet

Creating a tidy threshold will keep you jolly throughout December and beyond. Guests will appreciate the organization and feel welcomed into your festive atmosphere. Embrace these tips, and you’ll be spreading joy and magic this holiday season.


Wishing you a delightful and stress-free holiday!


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