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Spring Planting Tips for Summer Blooms

Gardening is always about planning ahead. If you want beautiful blossoms this summer, your prep and planting need to begin now!


Your soil needs to be healthy and nutrient-rich to promote plant growth.

Selecting the right fertilizer

  • Organic material such as compost and herbicide-free farm manure can make up for a lot of soil shortcomings and give your soil the nutrients it needs.

  • Manufactured fertilizer may have lots of nutrients but can contain harsh chemicals.

Acidity testing

  • Knowing your garden’s pH level — acidic or alkaline — helps determine which plants will thrive best.

  • Purchase a soil testing kit or try a home test using baking soda for acidity or vinegar for alkalinity.

Loosening and aerating soil

  • Water, air, and nutrients need to work all through your soil to properly feed and nurture your new plants.

  • Work the earth at a depth of 12-18 inches to ensure there’s enough healthy soil for your plants’ roots to take hold.


Bulbs are a great choice for spring planting.

What you plant and when depends a lot on where you live. Check with your local nursery or home improvement store to determine which plants grow well in your area.

Are you a fan of cut flowers in your home? Consider planting a section of garden specially for flowers you’ll be cutting to make lovely arrangements that’ll brighten any room in your house.


Frequent but light waterings help loosen the soil, so it’s easier for the baby roots to take hold. As they grow, water less often but give them a deeper soak.


They may be for digging around in the dirt, but your tools still need to be cared for so they work properly and don’t spread fungus or disease among your plants. Be sure to clean them after every use, oil moving parts regularly, and store them in a dry place.



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