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Prep Your Home for a Winning Season

Knock your home maintenance out of the park, and slide into fall safely with these top tips.

Home plate of a baseball field with a baseball resting on it. The words Prep Your Home for a Winning Season are written on home plate in bold letters

As the dog days of summer baseball stretch on, it’s time to step up to the batter’s box for a fall home refresh. Check these maintenance tasks off your list, and you’ll feel home-run happy.

Check for air leaks

A well-sealed home saves you money on energy costs and keeps unwanted pests outside. Inspect the weather stripping around windows and doors to see if any repairs are needed.


Hire a chimney cleaner

Hire a professional to inspect and clean your fireplace at least once a year, so you can enjoy the crackle of a nice fire as we head into chillier months.


Rake your leaves

While scattered leaves on a lawn can add a touch of fall, a thick layer of leaves can suffocate your grass. Help your yard survive the season!


Clean gutters and downspouts

Your home is likely to endure some falling debris these next few months. Be sure to regularly clear your roof’s drainage ways.


Drain the sprinkler system

Cold climate? Drain your in-ground sprinkler system and pools, and wrap any exterior pipes.

Bookmark this checklist of seasonal tasks to help keep your home maintained all year long.


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