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Monthly Digest - May 2024

Monthly Digest

MAY 2024

The month of May brings a great mix of fun and appreciation for the people (and pets) in our lives who make the days more memorable. What are you looking forward to the most?

May 5 - Cinco De Mayo. Commemorating the Mexican army's victory at the Battle of Puebla, this holiday is a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage.
May 12 - Mother's Day. Today, we celebrate motherhood and the incredible role moms play in our lives. If you can, give Mom an extra hug or special gift today.
May 27 - Memorial Day. Together we honor those who gave their lives
National Pet Month. Take those extra-long walks with Fido, buy that silly pet sweater or toy, and share your favorite pet photos on social media this month.
National Moving Month. Longer days and warmer weather make this month prime moving time. Our team can help you make a smooth move with the right financing.
Military Appreciation Month. This month, we pay tribute to those who protect our freedoms. If you know a military member, reach out to show your gratitude.
Mental Health Awareness Month. Take care of yourself, take care of loved ones, and support changing the stigma around mental health issues.

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