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Monthly Digest - August 2024

Monthly Digest


As the end of the season nears, August is the perfect time to clean house, revisit your finances, and soak up the last days of summer. See how this month’s lineup of fun and wellness can put you in a great mindset for the rest of 2024.

August 8 - National Pickleball Day
August 10 - Garage Sale Day
August 14 - Financial Awareness Day
August 26 - National Dog Day
National Wellness Month: Digital Detox Tips. Get outside. Set up tech-free zones. Read a book. Turn off notifications after dark. Have mindful mornings.
Did you know? The federal funds rate, set by the Federal Reserve, doesn't determine fixed mortgage rates. Mortgage rates are more closely tied to the bond market, specifically the yield on the 10-year treasury. For more information on current mortgage rates, talk to your Loan Officer.


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