Happy Lunar New Year!

Check out some tips for having a wonderful new year!

Taboos: If you want happiness and luck in the new year, don’t do any of these things during the new year celebration or the Spring Festival that follows!

  • Breaking glass. It breaks your connection to happiness and success.

  • Cleaning and showering. Do this before the festival — you don’t want to wash away good luck.

  • Using sharp objects. They will cut your ties to prosperity.

  • Crying and fighting. Set the stage for the upcoming year with a peaceful and pleasant celebration.

What to Eat: The New Year’s Eve dinner is an important time to be with family.

  • Spring rolls. Celebrate the onset of spring.

  • Steamed fish. Fish symbolize wealth and plenty in traditional Chinese culture.

  • Hot pot. An ancient dish, favorited by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing dynasty.

Clothing: New clothes are bought as a symbolic shedding of the old and welcoming the new.

  • Never give shoes as a gift. The word for “shoes” is similar to the word for “evil.”

  • Go red — it’s the luckiest color.

  • Embroidered fish, birds, and trees are always in style.

Source: ChineseNewYear.net

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