Giving Tuesday: Say Thanks by Giving Back

When we’ve got a lot to be thankful for, words sometimes can’t express the extent of our gratitude. One of the best ways to say thanks is by paying it forward. November 30 is Giving Tuesday, a movement that invites everyone to “do good” and spread positivity to those around us. But why limit it to just one day? Show your generosity all month long with these ideas for giving back.

  • Give a meal. Help feed those who are hungry, whether that’s by delivering a home-cooked meal, donating turkeys to a Thanksgiving turkey drive, or dropping off pantry staples at your local food shelter.

  • Help a neighbor. Lend a hand with yard work or picking up groceries for a neighbor who is ill or elderly. If someone new just moved in, welcome them to the neighborhood. Share your contact information, and offer to pick up their mail when they’re out of town.

  • Brighten someone’s day. Give someone a compliment, smile at a stranger, leave a positive review for a local business, thank a frontline worker. Spread joy through random acts of kindness. It might seem small, but it could mean the world to someone else.

  • Volunteer your time. Offer free tutoring lessons, clean up your local park, volunteer at an animal shelter. Giving your time to a worthy cause not only helps others, but it’s also personally rewarding.

  • Donate to charity. Make an impact by donating to a cause you believe in. Use a charity rating tool like CharityNavigator to find a nonprofit that’s financially and ethically responsible.

  • Share your time. Do you know a senior or veteran who could use some company? Let them know they’re not alone. Catch up over coffee or via video chat. Send a card that says “I’m thinking of you.” If you’re artistically inclined, host a performance at your local nursing home.

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