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Your Guide to June

World Oceans Day

With oceans covering 70% of its surface, Earth is a planet of water. Today celebrates the importance of oceans to all life on our planet, and this year’s theme centers on revitalization.


Flag Day

You know what the 13-star and 50-star American flags look like, but what about when we had 31 states? Check out different versions of Old Glory through the years!


Father's Day

Dads, like moms and kids, can do anything. So whether you’re coaching your daughter in Little League or teaching your son to cook, enjoy today. You’ve earned it!



Juneteenth commemorates the historic day when slavery effectively ended in the U.S. Today, it serves as a celebration of liberty and freedom.


Summer Begins

Finally! The sun is out, school is out, and hammocks are out. Whether your plans involve lounging on the beach or on your patio, here’s hoping that lounging is involved somewhere!


Global Beatles Day

All you need is love … of the Fab Four! Crank up your favorite album in honor of the lads from Liverpool.

Happy Homeownership Month!

Buying a home can be intimidating, but it’s also a huge accomplishment that should be celebrated! Our homes are an extension of ourselves, and a place where we make memories and grow families. But it’s also one of the best ways to build wealth, with a study by the Federal Reserve showing that U.S. homeowners had a median net worth more than 40 times greater than renters.*

Wherever you are on your homebuying journey, whether settling into a starter home or building your retirement dream house, congratulations! And remember ... we’re here to support your home financing needs at every stage.

*Survey of Consumer Finances, September 2020


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