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Thoughtful Gifts for Everyone You Know

Are you tired of handing out gift cards or other semi-impersonal gifts to friends and family? Then let’s change things up. This handy gift guide contains ideas for perfect presents that are anything but ordinary. Get ready to be everyone’s favorite gift-giver this year.


Your favorite home cook can feel like a professional baker (or at least a contestant on “The Great British Baking Show”) with a bread-proofing basket that helps them get the right amount of rise, every time. Even Paul Hollywood will be impressed!

Image source: GoodsHub


No more trudging off to the coffeeshop on weekend mornings or hurried pitstops on the way to work: Your favorite java junkie will be in heaven when they unwrap this gift! They can get their smooth, creamy, super-caffeinated fuel right at home, thanks to you.

Image source: GrowlerWerks


We all have that one friend who insists that everything sounds better on vinyl. Show them how hip you are with the gift of a vinyl record subscription box that delivers tunes directly to their door. Some even come with informative booklets, art, tchotchkes, and other bonuses,

so be sure to shop around!

Image source: Crate Joy


You could also file this under “what to get the person who has everything.” Stylish shades that protect your eyes and immerse you in your favorite tunes? It’ll feel like walking in your own movie soundtrack. This gift will definitely up the cool factor of whoever receives it.

Image source: Bose


It’s a gift that reminds them of you every time they snuggle down and settle in with their latest book. Classy and classic, with so many styles to choose from, the perfect gift for your favorite bookworm would also make a great stocking stuffer.

Image source: MereLeather


If your gift-giving circle includes an athlete or adventurer who’s always on the move, a high-tech water bottle will help them stay hydrated no matter where the road less traveled takes them. High-end models can boast UV lights along with their water purification system to

knock out 99.9% of contaminants.

Image source: LARQ


Capture the essence of a well-loved pet in a custom portrait handcrafted by an artist. From realistic sketches to poses in historical costumes, and likely anything in between, pet portraits are becoming more and more popular. While there are plenty of online options, consider hiring a local artist to support your community.

Image source: The Land of La


Many of us filled some of the downtime the pandemic imposed upon us by heading into the kitchen, and many of our kids were inspired

to join us. If you have (or know) kids who are just

as eager as their grownups to get into the kitchen,

a cooking box or club will satisfy that craving.

Image source: Raddish


Was there just too much going on this year for you to sort out holiday gift-giving? So many of us are in the same boat! With the holidays looking a lot different this year, people are longing for connection more than ever. Remember, the greatest present you can give to friends and family is actually ... yourself. While we may not all be able to do that in person this year, schedule some time to catch up over the phone or on video chat, and let the special people in your life know you care.

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