8 Habits of People Who Always Have a Clean Home

Do you wish you were that person with the perfect home that is always sparkling clean, where never a hint of clutter is seen? We’ve got a secret for you: It only takes building up some basic habits to keep your home clean and clutter-free. Read on for a revolution in home care!

Your mom told you this, and she was right: A tidy bed makes the whole room look tidier! Once you get this task taken care of, the rest of the clutter in the bedroom seems much less overwhelming and easier to tackle.

A clear counter is a joy to behold. Make room in a cupboard or pantry for the small appliances that

normally live out in the open.

You’re in there anyway, finishing your nightly skincare routine, so you might as well keep a spray bottle of cleaner and a rag or roll of paper towel under the sink, in easy reach. Even easier: Keep antibacterial wipes handy for a quick wipedown — if you can find them!

And then empty it each morning (while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew). No dirty dishes piling up in the sink; no running out of forks or glasses.

Especially if several people in your household get letters, magazines, and packages. Place a basket on a table or hang an organizer with slots for mail near the front door, and instruct everyone to look through the pile and take what’s theirs to read or recycle when they come in. Even easier: place a recycling bin next to

where you keep the mail.

This may be the most time-consuming task, so you may want to tackle it before you sit down to relax for the evening. Wipe the kitchen counter, put away any clothing or shoes left in common areas, and deal with any clutter that has accumulated throughout the day. After you’ve finished your evening lounge session, remember to fluff the throw pillows and fold the blanket on the sofa.

Any good cook will tell you to clean up as you go. It’s well worth it not to have a trashed kitchen when your meal is over. Even better: If you are a multi-person household, use the “one cooks, the other cleans”

theory of kitchen cleanup.

These are the jobs that take lots of time if you do them all at once, so splitting them up makes tackling them easier. Projects like moving furniture to clean underneath, scrubbing out the oven, and dusting the blinds can be spread out to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

Having a clean house is good for both your physical health and mental health. It reduces allergens, gets you moving around, reduces stress, and may even increase your productivity. Especially now when so many people are spending so much time in their homes, it’s important to feel in control and reduce stress any way you can,

and to enjoy the space you live in.

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