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5 DIY Projects You Can Do in a Weekend

Are you looking for a change, a little shakeup, something new around the house? A home-improvement project is just the thing to express your creativity and get a fresh outlook on your home. Set aside some time this weekend to tackle one of these projects, which are perfect for DIY beginners and experts alike. Use these ideas as a jumping-off point — and put your own twist on each for a look that is uniquely you.


If working at the kitchen table or on the sofa is getting you down, turn an underused space into a sanctuary. An empty closet can become your new home office with just a few tools, a short shopping list, time, and some patience.


Want a new kitchen but can't afford a full makeover? If you're eager for a dramatic change, a quick countertop transformation could be just what you need. With inexpensive contact paper, you can get the magazine-worthy look of marble kitchen counters.


This project is especially satisfying if you already have an old wooden ladder around or can find one at a yard sale or thrift store on the cheap. With the addition of a few planks of wood, you'll have an unusual and conversation-worthy new shelving unit that takes up little space but provides lots of real estate for books, tchotchkes, and knickknacks.


Sweep down the cobwebs, power wash the front walk, and choose a bold new color for your front door, porch floor, and/or accent mats and cushions. For a DIY way to further freshen your curb appeal, create this modern, upscale planter box to hang by your front door, which also boasts new house numbers. You can bring even more color to your home with your paint and plant choices.


When you want that beautiful summer day to keep going forever, a backyard fire pit is exactly what you need to extend your outdoor time well into the evening. And it doesn't need to cost $500! Using materials easily found at your local hardware or landscaping store and these simple instructions, you could be sitting around a fire tonight in your own back yard.


If you find yourself with time on your hands, tackling a home improvement project will probably give you more satisfaction than mastering Animal Crossing or baking more sourdough. Heck, you may even increase your home's value when it comes time to sell as well!

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