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National Selfie Day

Celebrate yourSELF(ie) today! Did you know the first selfie was taken by Robert Cornelius, a photography pioneer, in 1839?

Try these tips for an awesome selfie:

  • Use natural lighting whenever possible. Can’t get outdoors? Be sure you're facing the light source.

  • Pose like a pro for full-body shots.

  • Turn your body ¾ of the way toward the camera

  • Put one foot in front of the other

  • One shoulder should be facing the camera

  • Hold the camera slightly above you and tilt your face toward it.

  • Skip the “cheese” and go for the “money.” Your face makes a more natural-looking grin when you use that word.

  • For a group selfie, try to get your friends to stand at different heights and at different distances from the camera. Just don’t let yourself be the closest to the screen!

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