Your Guide to March

February 25, 2019

Onward, March!






Mardi Gras


Join with fellow revelers across the globe and let the good times roll!







International Women’s Day


A global celebration of women and women’s equality. This year’s theme is #balanceforbetter — a call for a gender-balanced world.






Daylight Saving Begins


Trade an hour of sleep for an extra hour of daylight. Clocks turn forward at 2:00 a.m.









National Pi Day


How many reasons do you need to eat pie on Pi Day? 3.141592653589793238462643383 …








St. Patrick’s Day


Originally a religious holiday, St. Patrick’s Day has evolved into a celebration of Irish culture and heritage. Wear green or get pinched!








First Day of Spring


“Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party'." — Robin Williams.








It’s a good thing Basketball Madness falls during the luckiest monthof the year. The odds of filling out a perfect bracket are about 1 in 9.2 quintillion, so you’ll need all the luck you can get.

Did you know the average American farmer helps to feed 165 people annually? National Agriculture Week, observed March 10-16, is a great opportunity to learn more about the food supply and recognize the essential role that agriculture plays in our world.

March is Red Cross Month — a time to honor the heroic efforts and contributions that the American Red Cross makes to people in need. Discover ways you can be a hero, too, at







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