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5 Festive Activities for Fall

Fall is officially here! As we wave farewell to summer, here are some ideas to help you give fall a proper welcome:

Witness nature's paintbrush come to life as leaves turn to a spectrum of rich, vibrant colors. For the perfect weekend trip, check out one of these five spectacular places to see autumn leaves.

The harvest season is full of fun activities for all ages, like apple and pumpkin picking for kids (or the kids at heart!) and Oktoberfest celebrations for adults. Don't forget the corn mazes, hay rides, and backyard football games!

Have some fun in the kitchen by turning your seasonal produce into a tasty treat. For fresh-picked apples, try this old-fashioned apple pie. Craving pumpkin? These mini pumpkin pie bites are guaranteed to satisfy.

Make your front yard more inviting by planting fall flowers. Place mums and pansies in stand-alone planters and snapdragons and lobelia in your garden bed. You can also spruce up your porch with fall flair, like dried corn stalks, oversized pumpkins, and a leafy wreath for your door.

If you want to keep your home in tip-top shape, there are a few routine tasks you should complete at the start of each season. Check these projects off your list now so you can enjoy the above activities sooner.

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