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Your Guide to May

Teachers, moms, and bees deserve appreciation.

Teacher Appreciation Day

They help us learn to read and write, stay late to tutor us, and forgive the occasional gum-chewing violation. Cheers to you, teachers!


Cinco de Mayo

Sure, you can just go to a Mexican restaurant today, but the real fun is at a festival. You’ll enjoy a rich array of food, music, and dance, and get a taste of the unique Mexican-American culture!


Mother’s Day

Who runs the world? Moms do! (And we think Beyonce would agree.) Thank you, moms, for all that you do.


World Bee Day

These busy pollinators support our ecosystem, but their numbers are declining. Learn how we can protect their habitats so we can enjoy a healthy and honey-filled future.


Memorial Day

Today we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom we hold dear. Their memory lives on through all of us.


National Creativity Day

Famed painter Henri Matisse said, “Creativity takes courage.” So be brave today, and let your imagination soar!


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