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Create Faux Marble Countertops

What you'll need:

Marbled contact paper (look for water-resistant or waterproof peel-and-stick contact paper)

Plastic putty knife

Hobby or utility knife


What you'll do:

1. Do your prep work. Thoroughly clean and dry your countertop. Windex is often recommended to prep your counter, while some people like to use rubbing alcohol. But your regular old cleaner will do just fine too.

2. Start a-peeling. Lay your paper on the counter to measure how much paper you'll need and plan out seams, making sure enough hangs over to wrap around the edges and corners later. Then simply start at one end of your counter, peeling off a portion of the protective backing and smoothing out the contact paper with the putty knife so there are no bubbles. Go slowly here!

3. Keep going. Continue laying down the paper, smoothing bubbles, and discarding the used backing paper as you go. You should still be able to pull up the contact paper and reposition it if things go awry. When you encounter the sink and any other fixtures or features of the counter, use your hobby knife to cut around it. Just stick the paper down and trim it as necessary.

4. Get edgy. When you finish the counter’s top, it’s time to tackle the edges. You should still have a flap of contact paper overhanging the edges of the counter. Press and smooth this over the edge as you did the surface, and stick any extra under the counter. Using your hobby knife, cut off any excessively long bits underneath the counter.

5. And finally … Caulk the edges around the sink and even against the backsplash if you want to. Just remember this might make the contact paper a little more troublesome to remove when you're ready for a new look!


Source: The Merrythought

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