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August Is Family Fun Month!

Hearkening back to America's agricultural days, state fairs have become a cherished summer pastime since they first began in the 19th century. Today, state fair-goers can still enjoy the old-timey traditions of livestock exhibitions, produce showcases, and baking competitions, along with more modern amusements such as carnival games and rides, car shows, and — of course — oodles of fried food.

If you're eager to squeeze in some end-of-summer fun, you're sure to find something that tickles your fancy with a trip to the state fair!

Did You Know? The Great New York State Fair was the nation's first state fair, which began in Syracuse, New York in 1841.

The extra-long hours of sunlight in Alaska have resulted in some enormous fruits and vegetables — notably, giant cabbages — over the years. In 2018, a 1,471.5-pound pumpkin broke the Alaska State Fair record for heaviest produce recorded.

You've heard of ice sculpting; how about butter sculpting? From "butter cows" to a life-sized sculpture of Tiger Woods, these creamy statues are a long-loved state fair attraction.

The Minnesota State Fair is known for its endless varieties of food on a stick, and not just corn dogs. Chow down on Scotch eggs, fried cookie dough, or spaghetti and meatballs, happily served atop a stick!

Most state fairs take place from August to October, although some states have theirs earlier in the year. Check out this list of dates for 2019 state fairs across the U.S.

What unique memories will you make at the state fair this year?

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