How to Create a Charming Outdoor Living Space

A well-maintained garden is a joy to homeowners as the spring and early summer temperatures lure us out of our homes to enjoy the outdoors. Beautifully maintained lawns, flowers, and trees are also attractive to homebuyers if your property is going on the market this year. During National Lawn & Garden Month, use these tips to turn your backyard into a relaxing retreat where you can unwind, entertain, and enjoy your home.

By combining different types of lighting, you’ll be able to adapt to any activity you choose. Tiki torches signal a fun backyard barbecue atmosphere, while candles scattered about give a more intimate glow and can be paired with a few soft fluorescent lights to improve visibility at night. Both tiki oil and candles can be made with citronella if the insect life in your area is abundant, and brighter lights by the bar and barbecue ensure you’re not spilling the libations or burning dinner. Solar lights make a great eco-friendly choice, typically require no wiring to install, and are available in many different styles.

Partially covering your patio can add value to your home, while increasing your own enjoyment of your outdoor space. A covered section will also provide some shade and protection so you can use your outdoor area more often. A pergola covered with flowering vines or even a canvas shade sail is all you need, but a partially screened deck is also a wonderful choice.

When you choose native plants for your garden, you’ll have an easier time caring for your flora. Skip the high-maintenance shrubs and overly delicate blooms, and be sure to avoid invasive plants such as butterfly bushes and ivy. When you’re not constantly trimming, weeding, and mulching your garden, you’ll have more time to enjoy it.

The less grass you have, the less time you need to spend mowing and watering. It became trendy in drought-stricken areas of the country to switch out grass for graveled areas and walkways, and the look has spread throughout the U.S. Just be sure to leave a bit of lawn for picnicking or playing with your children or pets.

Beautiful lawns that are pleasing to the eye and have comfortable, relaxing seating are only part of making your outdoor area more inviting. Attracting birds with decorative feeders and bird baths, and hanging wind chimes that give off sweet music, will add to the magical feel. Your flowers can delight the senses with lovely aromas and bright colors. Choose planters, cushions, and outdoor rugs to complement your home’s exterior and tie the space together.

Creating a comfortable, well-used outdoor space will not only bring you pleasure as you enjoy it throughout the year, but it could also increase your home’s overall value when you’re ready to sell.

If you’re interested in exploring financing options to upgrade your yard for your own enjoyment or if you’re preparing your home for the market, give me a call to discuss how I can help you.

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